Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plant donations handed out today

Thanks to Murray Farm, Cole's Garden Center, Osborne's Agway and Wal Mart, we had many plants to share at the garden today.  Glacialhill Farm and the YES team of Concord also brought in many plants.  Ken Koerber of the UU Church started several flats of hot peppers and okra for us.  The okra moved slowly until we found out that its Bhutanese name is "bendi" - once people understood what we had, it was gone quickly.

If you still need plants for your garden, please consider buying yours at one of the sites listed above, or at Foundwell Farm in Pembroke.  All will be encouraging donations to the project through next weekend.  If you've started planting and have anything left over, bring your extras to the library at NHTI or to the covered sidewalk at the UU church.

It was amazing to watch seventy or so families all busy planting at the same time.  The generosity of the community is hugely appreciated.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plant donation day at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord

The UU Church of Concord is having its annual plant and rummage sale on Saturday, May 7th.  Located on Pleasant St., just past the hospital, the church's spring fair is famous for the plants for sale.  While you check out the selection, many of them organic, you will also have a chance to buy a plant to donate to the Sycamore Community Garden Project.  Foundwell Farm will keep the donations in their greenhouses until it is warm enough to plant.

We had our last registration day today; every single plot is taken and we have a substantial wait list.  It will be a challenge to provide enough seedlings for so many families.  I hope you can stop by the UU Church.  If not, look for notices when other donation days.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pictures of Registration

Registration Begins

Yesterday was a very busy day at the Sycamore Community Garden Project.  Over 100 families came to the first day of registration.  Many gardeners got right to work preparing their garden beds.  Thanks to Scott's Products, each gardener received 5 bags of composted manure and 15 pounds or organic fertilizer.  We are in short supply for garden tools and wheelbarrows; if you have gently used equipment that you'd like to donate, please contact me.